about us

Our name, Kidu stands for 'a lot for kids to do'

We know children love toys and party favours, but here at we would also like to help teach them a valuable life lesson. Children are never too young to start learning about the joy and sense of purpose that can come with helping others.

“Todays Kidu” it’s a daily best deal of one item with lowest attractive price.When children take part in “Todays Kidu” as well as having fun, they are also taking part in a charity event; 30% of all profits from “Todays Kidu” go to charity.

As we know, children learn by watching their parents. You are a role model of compassion and generosity to your children. If they see you donating your time and money to help others, they will learn to do the same when they grow up.


Our commitment to you is to provide you with a comprehensive range of products at discount prices along with outstanding customer service. Also if you are looking/recommending for fundraising to any organisation, please do contact us. We are greatly supporting and encouraging the fund raising event.

Should you wish to contact us please feel free to do so via email or phone. You will find our contact details on our ‘Contact Us’ page. We look forward to hearing from you.